Into to bladesmithing

Learn the fundamentals of bladesmithing from Kevin Burgess of Burgess forge




Learn the fundamentals of making knives in a two day class.
From forging stock to putting on the final edge you will learn all the basics of bladesmithing needed to make a functional knife with your own two hands.
learn temperature control, hammer techniques, heat treating, grinding and more!

Classes available on weekends upon request of student (first come first serve)  
Maximum of 2 students at a time pictures may be requested and unlike the rides at amusement parks we do not charge
Lunch not included however water and Gatorade will be

Classes start at 8 am and end at 5 pm
it is the duty of the student to arrive on time if student does not arrive by 10 am and the instructor is not notified prior class for that day will be canceled and no refund will be given
should something come up and the instructor is given prior notice a the student can choose one of three options
1) they can receive a full refund for the price of the class
2) they can reschedule for a later date (date priority will be given to next person scheduled for a class)
3) they can change the time to start and end at a later time during the day (starting time can be no latter than 12 am) 

Payment can either be done below or at the forge but payment must be received before class can start 

Price $199 per person (plus tax)